SunGuide Release 7.0

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GUI (Operator Map) redesigned dialogs

  • CCTV
  • EM
  • System Messages
  • TSS
  • Video Wall

GUI (Administrator) dialogs moved from Admin Editor to the Operator Map

  • AVL
  • CCTV
  • Video Switching
  • DMS
  • EM
  • Travel Times

Traffic Signals Subsystem

  • Integration with the traffic signal software

Truck Parking

  • Display truck parking availability at rest areas and weigh stations
  • Truck parking availability posted on DMS signs


 Small Enhancements

  • CCTV Cameras are now polled for status (FP 3187)
  • Archival of Ramp Meter data (FP 1081)
  • Ability to schedule Ramp Meters to be "Off" (FP 1407)
  • Allow certain camera presets to be "locked" (FP 2303)
  • Allow PTZ control during tour for Video on Desktop (FP 2569)
  • Removal of non-tss links (FP 3251)
  • System Message allow user configuration of displayed alerts (FP 3564)
  • Travel time message now have a configurable message expiration (FP 3363)
  • Ability to auto-merge travel time and operator entered messages (FP 3565)
  • Ability to disable response type from response plans (FP 3180)
  • Audible alarms have configurable sounds (FP 3004)
  • Allow multiple default messages if travel times can't be generated (FP 3566)
  • Alternate travel times if travel time cannot be produced (FP 3567)
  • Allow "Unconfirmed" lane blockages (FP 3195)

Managed Lanes Subsystem

  • Controls gate access using defined checklists
  • Integration with the Versillis gate controllers

Various Footprints Issues