Device Simulators Available to FDOT

Device Simulator Name


Skyline DMS Simulator Skyline Products

TxDOT DMS Simulator


Mark IV DMS Simulator FDOT

Remote Traffic Microwave Sensor Simulator & SimStarter (Auto-launcher):

Road Weather Information Simulator Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)
Safety Barrier Simulator SwRI
Automated Vehicle Location/Road Ranger Simulator FDOT
Connected Vehicle Simulator SwRI

SunGuide Device Simulation

Through the development of the SunGuideĀ® software, Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) realized the benefit of having device simulation programs. These programs allow us to simulate communication with a device even when it is not physically available. This is especially important when testing the software or when demonstrating its functionality. Some ITS devices, such as dynamic messages signs, are fairly expensive and it may not be convenient to have the device available to communicate with in a software testing environment. Device simulation programs offer significant benefits, including:

  1. The ability to conduct load tests during software testing, where FDOT can simulate thousands of devices to see if the software can handle the data flow and connections. These device simulation programs also allow for corner case testing for scenarios that are not common, but could happen.
  2. The ability to showcase software features under certain conditions during a demonstration. For example, when an incident condition is simulated, the software would send event alerts to the operator, and the roadway link colors would change on the SunGuide map. These software feature demonstrations are typically not possible without use of simulation programs.
  3. The ability to simulate certain conditions along the roadway for use in training transportation management center operators.