SunGuide Release 6.0, Patch 2 Notes

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Fixes included in Release 6.0, Patch 2:


Admin Editor

  • Renaming devices now supported (FP 116)
  • Added VDD documentation (FP 2492)
  • Upded Platform requirements in VDD (FP 2573)

Automatic Vehicle Location

  • Improved behavior of stop alerts (FP 1998)
  • Fixed issue with departure time of vehicles (FP 2241)
  • Fixed memory issue within AVL (FP 2261)
  • Fixed issue of multiple arrivals of a RR from a tablet (FP 2414)
  • Fixed startup issue with SPARR driver (FP 2571)
  • Restored previous interface of RRXML driver (FP 2575)


  • C2C Collector connection issue resolved (FP 1958, 2095)


  • CCTV no longer uses rangeZoomLimit (FP 2500
  • Improved disconnect/reconnect logging (FP 2583 (part 1))
  • Fixed IpVideoSwithDriver to allow alternate switch configurations (FP 2609)


  • Fixed Data Archive of DMS message so they no longer archive the “current_tvt” and cause a backlog (FP 1888)
  • Fixed issue with connection issues to Executive Handler (FP 1973)
  • Restructured DMS insertion query to allow for faster execution (FP 2283)


  • Fixed issue with connectivity to the DAR FTP (FP 2417)
  • Enhanced to resend TSS configuration to RITIS nightly (FP 2637)


  • Fixed issue editing DMS with an IP conflict (FP 2464)
  • Fixed issue sending messages to SES America signs (FP 2638)


  • Fixed issue where EH crashes upon multiple disconnect/reconnect attempts (FP 1786)


  • Fixed issues with agency contact records (FP 1748)
  • Fixed an issue with which message template to use for a particular lane configuration (FP 2299)
  • Fixed issue retrieve message templates for DMS in RPG (FP 2345)
  • Added configuration item for using County long name in emails (FP 2466)
  • Chronology now reports “Unconfirmed” when publishing unconfirmed events to FL-ATIS (FP 2495)
  • Fixed issue with auditing duplicate responder timestamps (FP 2586
  • Fixed issue with case insensitivity when comparing license plates (FP 2613)
  • Fixed issue with events not storing arrival time of responder if the notified time was not set (FP 2618)


  • Fixed issue setting beacons and configuring HARs (FP 2609) 




  • Improved handling of FHP updates (FP 2480)


  • Fixed high utilization issue (FP 2505)
  • Improved interaction with TVT (FP 2541)


  • Corrected mapping of link data (FP 2581)

Operator Map

  • Prevented saving of map views with identical names (FP 1825)
  • Fixed issue with displaying “MM” in mile marker section of event details dialog (FP 2194)
  • Fixed issues recording and saving floodgate messages (FP 2254)
  • Fixed issue editing multiple DMS signs at the same time (FP 2369)
  • Improved editing of multiple DMSs (compared with 5.1 and previous) (FP 2381)
  • Improvements to the Edit Link Placement Dialog (FP 2391, 2461)
  • Limited use of auto-focus by desktop video wall (FP 2583 (part 2))
  • Fixed issue with display of Blue TOAD links (FP 2590)
  • Response now can be generated with a “0” radius selected (FP 2605)


  • Fixed issue moving RMSs between installations (FP 1635)
  • Fixed error setting RMC rate/range values (FP 2576)


  • Fixed Road Ranger Admin Detail report (FP 1523)
  • Fixed Performance Measure reports (FP 2531)


  • Fixed missing dependency of driver (FP 2589)


  • Allows Termination of a SAS item (FP 286)
  • Fixed timing issue within SAS schedules for DST (FP 2627)


  • Fixed handling of zero speed report (FP 1526)


  • Fixed integration of C2C links (FP 2566)
  • Improved handling of MAS blanking (FP 2588)


  • Fixed missing dependency of driver (FP 2580)


  • Removed unnecessary error report on successful action (FP 2591)
  • Fixed issues with updated Activu driver (FP 2592)
  • Jupiter Driver now supports HD sources (FP 2191)