SunGuide Release 6.1, Patch 1

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Fixes included in Release 6.1, Patch 1:



  • Camera blocking no longer works (FP 3162)


  • CCTV subsystem polling and reporting (FP 3185)


  • DAR zip backlog (FP 3254)


  • DMS Posted items appear in chronology for wrong event (FP 3197)
  • Device Linking with invalid DMS (FP 3274)


  • Primary/Secondary events are being "Unassociated" within the chronology (FP 3001)
  • Chronology Description is Blank (FP 3181)
  • Event List Report Shows Events as having Blockage after Blockage Removed via Auditing (FP 3188)  


  • Events getting stuck on 511 and need to be manually removed (FP 3122)
  • 511 Travel Time Route Names use TMC Codes instead of Display Name (FP 3204)
  • Missing blockage information in FLATIS publish XML (FP 3300)


  • Road Ranger Change Vehicle State Dialog (FP 3141)
  • Event Viewer does not function in Sunguide 6.1 (FP 3272)


  • FHP CAD alert information not populating in event chronology comments (FP 3210)
  • Unable to disable Citilog camera detection (FP 3184)
  • IDS deployment issues with WWD (FP 3168)
  • Extra column in IDS_WRONG_WAY_DEVICE table (FP 3252)


Operator Map

  • Camera Config Changes Do Not Save When Operator Map is Open (FP 3170)
  • Mile Marker shields not appearing on map (FP 3222)
  • Desktop Video Layouts not populating Cameras in viewers after upgrading to 6.1 (FP 3275)
  • Display issue merging queue messages (FP 3277)
  • Desktop Video camera list dragging stops working after using search box (FP 3278) 

Response Plan

  • Device linking/response plan generation interaction issue (FP 3288)
  • Beacons unable to be added to response plan (FP 3297)


  • RWIS dialog appearing incorrectly (FP 3215)
  • Roadway filter in RWIS Configuration dialog does not show roadway names (FP 3291)


  • Volume missing in ramp meter detectors (FP 3165)
  • Transparent TSS Links on Map and No Detector Icon After IP Change (FP 3160)
  • Erroneous Latitude/Longitude Values for TSS Detector Location in Admin Editor (FP 3163)
  • FTE Travel Time report investigation (FP 3189)


  • WebRelay Driver fails to parse status from simulator (FP 3296)


  • Request for new report - WWD Detector Uptime (FP 3100)
  • IDS deployment issues with WWD (FP 3168)
  • Extra column in IDS_WRONG_WAY_DEVICE table (FP 3252)



Operator Map

  • Update VLC library deployment for Operator Map (FP 3216)


  • Add quick search box to VOD CCTV Listing (FP 3217)